Not Enough In The Day

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My approach to writing articles is to remain very open minded in the subject matter. I have a great fear of saying “this is how it should be done” and then finding out its wrong or it can be done better. All I try to do is share my experience on the subject, and this one is no different. Anyway, I digress.

A normal weekday for me starts between 6:30am to 7:00am, depending on how much vigour I have. I then get ready, leave home and arrive at the Jigowatt studio at around 8:20am. I normally work until 5:30pm, maybe to 6:00pm depending on the workload. I then go home and continue to lookup stuff online, check twitter & alike and work on web stuff until around 11:30pm. So by using crude mathematics I’ve worked out that I’m working (with breaks) for about 16+ hours and sleeping for around 7 hours.

I bet you’re thinking thats all well and good David (for the average web designer) but why write this article? The reason is simple, is this right? Is this a normal day for everyone else? Maybe you’re a freelancer and you’re doing the same but at a different time. Or maybe you work full time and are managing to get a couple more hours of sleep. Let me know how you’re day is set out and if you think I’m doing it wrong. Best place to contact me is via Twitter. I’ll stick up peoples thoughts on it in a new article, hopefully we share a little advice on the matter.

Cheers, Dave

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