Tracking Time

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Not long ago I asked my Twitter followers what they suggest for a single person to track their time with. I was worried it might open up a can of worms, but I got an excellent response. Here’s what people suggested:

  • Freeagent suggested by @alanhornedotcom – Excellent not only for single users but also agencies, currently using this at work. Very good and seems to cover everything, my only issue is there’s no search in the contacts section
  • Freshbooks suggested by @pealo86 – Looks very similar to Freeagent, which can only be a good thing. Matt is a full time freelancer and he highly recommends this, so it seems this works really well for a solo designer/developer
  • Eon suggested by @BenjaminReid – Very sexy looking application, much closer to what I was looking for. Like the simple labelling and receipt that comes out of the bottom. Also has integration plug-ins for FreeagentFreshbooks and Basecamp
  • Solo suggested by @culshaw – Ian used Freshbooks before, he switched to Solo because of its slick design and lovely looking graphs. Additionally Solo is catered to solitary, or small team of, designers/developers
  • Time Track Pro suggested by me – This is approaching it from a different angle. Time Track Pro watches what applications, files & pages you look at and displays the amount of time spent on them in a simple window. Despite a very basic UI, and some slightly iffy design decisions, it does the job. Its the thing to go to when you ask yourself “what the hell have I been doing all morning!?”

Alan also sent me a nice article from Freelance Switch which listed 6 Cool Tools to Track Your Time. Really great info from everyone on Twitter but I fear I was looking for something I didn’t really need. I already use Time Track Pro at work and its great to refer to when working on PSDs and web pages. So sorry to any of the guys if they feel like they were cheated by me, I will be looking back at this if I ever go freelance though!

Cheers, Dave

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