I'm working for BaseKit in Bristol

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Back in August I accepted a role as web designer & front end developer for effect in Leicester. Its a great studio which is working with some awesome brands. Despite the friendly team and the strong momentum of work we were doing, I didn’t feel like the role was right for me. I was looking to work on something that was closer to my interests and allowed me to feed my design hunger as well.


Then, about a month before Christmas, a friend of a friend mentioned that a company in Bristol called BaseKit was looking for a web designer. I spent some time looking into who they were and what they did. BaseKit is a website editor designed for small businesses to create an online presence with ease. The product immediately spoke to me, it reminded me of the work I had already done for JigoShop and Anchor Themes even more so. In addition to this I had already been told many times that Bristol is a great city to live and work in, unsurprisingly by my friends that actually live there.

After a couple of conversations, and a lot of trips along the M5, I accepted the role as Template Designer and moved swiftly into a flat in the heart of Bristol. I’ve only worked at BaseKit for 2 weeks now, but I’m already enjoying the role. I design and build custom templates to work on the BaseKit platform, utilising not only my front end development skills but also my web design abilities.

What pleases me most about the whole thing is that the work I had been doing in my spare time (Anchor Themes) has helped me get this job. Its like someone has asked “That stuff you like doing in your spare time… would you like to do is as a day job?”.

My final thought is not only to thank the BaseKit team for giving me this opportunity, but also to thank the [effect][1] team in Leicester. Despite me being there only 3 months I had a great time and became good friends with the entire team. I wish them all the best and I hope we cross paths again.

Cheers, Dave

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