New Site Structure: Phase One Complete

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When I say phase one I mean, and when I say new site structure I mean this plan I wrote up.

The design & development

I’m really pleased how this project went, to me it was like a perfect personal project process. I designed it using Sketch and then uploaded versions to my dribbble account. I got a lot of good feedback from the community, made a couple of rebounds and fell upon a final design. I also managed to get some good feedback from Designer News. I’m very grateful for the feedback, so thank you to them.

After the design was finalised I started the build process. Because it was such a simple design I decided to try and build it entirely in the interface. I’m hoping to write up how it went in another article.

What’s next?

The next steps are to sort out my main site ( and my github site ( I’ve had a slight change of mind with these. I’ve seen many designers, and people who generally write alot, have seperate blogs for their writing. Also sites are mainly used for listing open source projects, it’s kinda the whole point of GitHub Pages.

So after a little consideration I’ve come a conclusion on what should be going where. should be my blog, I mean I do write quite a bit and for several different websites. Having a single place to list my writing work would be a good idea. Sure, it does seem like I’m diluting my web content but it’s no different than having a blog subdomain.

Site structure v2

Here’s a revised version of my site structure list:

  • My single page portfolio site (just a list of web projects I’ve worked on)
    • My blog listing technical, personal and external articles I’ve written (the ture sense of a “blogroll”)
    • My experiments hub, Listing all my open source projects from GitHub

Enough talking, let’s get on with it.

Cheers, Dave

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